Privacy Policy

All animation, images, and GIFs available on this website are for personal use, and you cannot use them for commercial purposes. You are prohibited from using any of our images and Animated birthday gifts images and GIFs with the name for any other use other than personal use. Any commercial reuse, republication, or public reproduction or retransmission of these images/GIFs anywhere on the internet is prohibited. We collect some of the user's sensitive data that they share with us while interacting with us is always protected and never used for anything without the users' permission. Data such as email, name, birthday details, and personal information are never exchanged with third-party service providers. Your data is only used for analytical purposes and for sending our user's new updates and news and general announcements. Our website takes all necessary measures to protect your data from being misused in any activity. Users are permitted to update and correct their information at any time. You will be notified whenever we make a change to our privacy policy.

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