‘ESBIRTHDAY’ is the Best Platform to Download All Kinds of Free Birthday Wish Cards

Welcome to our site ‘Esbirthday.’ If you are looking for some fantastic gift cards for your loved ones, then we assure you that you will find everything you are looking for on our site. ‘

Esbirthday’ is an online platform that helps you wish the happiest birthday to the people you love in the most stylish way possible. We have hundreds and thousands of birthday card images for anybody. From your family member to your love and your friends, we have specially customized birthday cards with names for every person. ‘Esbirthday’ is the best platform to download all kinds of free birthday wish cards.

These cards are especially pre-customized with the name of your loved ones. You can start exploring the name you are looking for and get the best birthday wish card. There total of four different categories with a vast number of gifts, cards, images, and birthday cards images for different people in your life.

40000 personalized names with birthday images

There is no better way to surprise a loved one on their birthday than with a personalized birthday wish! A birthday greeting card that you can customize with their names lets you express the value they hold for you.

However, customizing the perfect birthday card can take hours. And while the option of downloading ready-made birthday wish cards is convenient, they aren't the most inclusive when it comes to naming choices.

But fret not! Because Esbirthday offers an inventory of 40000 names to choose from! You read that right! We have a database of birthday greeting cards containing attractive visuals and the name of your choice. With Esbirthday, you will never not be ready to send your loved ones a birthday greeting card!

Happy birthday gif images for Whatsapp

Want to know of something that would surprise your loved ones on their birthdays more than a custom birthday card? A "Happy Birthday" GIF image for Whatsapp!

Esbirthday's custom Happy Birthday GIFs are excellent if you want to express concern and thoughtfulness on someone's birthday. What's more is that they would feel like you put in too much effort for them, while in reality, it would only have taken you a click to download the best Happy Birthday GIF images for Whatsapp from our website.

Whether you want a Happy Birthday GIF containing rainbows, cakes, fireworks, or balloons, we have them all! We also have some cute designs in our collection, like muffin toppers, dancing cats, flowers, and piñatas.

Download our charming, colorful, and attractive animated birthday photos with messages for friends, family, coworkers, and loved ones. Each GIF includes a music-accompanied version.

Happy Birthday Cake with name edit 2022

Nothing says birthday like a birthday cake. Happy birthday cards with cakes personalized with your friends' and family members' names are a unique and creative way to wish them online.

A birthday cake with a name edit can undoubtedly brighten any birthday boy's or girl's day. Your attempt to wish them a happy birthday demonstrates your love and care, which is sufficient to make them feel special on their special day.

Esbirthday allows you to edit any birthday cake image with a person's name to make it extra memorable for them. With our birthday greeting templates, you can even edit a photo of your loved one on the cakes.

You simply need to select the cake from the assortment and add the birthday person's name and photo. When finished, you can convert the customized template into an image that you may download for free to your smartphone.

Birthday cake With Name edit

The best thing about customized birthday wishes is that you can also put photos of anyone on a birthday cake with their name and lovely frames. Sharing the birthday boy or girl's goofy photos on social media with a Happy Birthday note is too old-school. Instead, edit the image on a digital birthday greeting card and enjoy a good laugh with them!

You can choose these happy birthday cake templates based on the birthday person's personality and age. Esbirthday's happy birthday Cake template database includes cakes with fantastic and different themes for the elderly, adults, teenagers, and even children. You may even customize these cakes with unique toppings, dressings, and signature comments.

Send your loved ones one of these fantastic birthday cakes with their names edited to enhance the moment's beauty. This unique virtual greeting would cost you nothing but earn you a place in the birthday person's good books!

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages 2022

There were times when people would spend hours thinking of thoughtful messages, wishes, or quotes to write on birthday cards for their loved ones. We are happy that the times have passed because sending someone a birthday greeting card with messages is as easy as browsing for one on Esbirthday!

We have a wide variety of happy birthday wishes, quotes, and messages for 2022 that you can download on your devices. Digital happy birthday wishes are quick, easy, and kind. You can text a brief, adorable, hilarious, or meaningful message; Esbirthday has it all!

This feature is especially helpful for introverts. Even if you don't plan on attending their birthday party, you can tell the birthday person that you are thinking of them by sending them one of our happy birthday greeting cards with the latest quotes, messages, and special wishes.

Say Happy birthday with name cards:

You read that right, ‘esbirthday’ top category is where you can find birthday wish cards with more than 7000 names to explore. It means we have prebuilt the birthday wish text images for the name you are looking for. In those 7000 unique names, you are sure to find the name of the person whose birthday is quickly approaching. Always be ready to wish them a happy birthday with a wish card that you can see one of our categories that contains all the names. All the names are set up in alphabetical order for you to find the name of your birthday boy or girl easily.

You can easily download prebuild wish cards with names for your birthday boy or girl and surprise them. We made it easy for you to explore our data of images with messages for the card receivers. The arrangement with alphabets helps you quickly find the best messages for the receiver that describes your emotions and present them beautifully in a message on the card. You can pick from multiple messages that are written on wish cards with names.

These birthdays wish cards help you address the receiver directly by stating their name and a specially crafted message for them. You can turn these wish cards into banners by downloading these images into the highest quality. Professionally created birthday wish cards with names are the best way to wish someone on their special day.

Happy Birthday Messages for Lover:

Another category, “Love,” has some of the best and professionally crafted messages by the relationship experts. These messages are some of the best messages that you can also wish your love of life on their birthday. There are hundreds of happy birthday messages for your lovers and life partners.

Imagine if you forget to wish your love of life someday, and you are also away, you can easily get a lovely birthday wish message from our section of lovely birthday wishes. Send it to them and show them how much you love their presence in your life.

We have written these pretty phrases in such a way that you can choose any of them for the birthday wish for your love. Show your emotions through these messages of love and surprise.

Say happy birthday to your Friends:

We have a lot of messages and birthday wish messages and birthday wish card images for you to choose from and send them to your best friends for life. Choose a message the best explains your situation and relation with your friend whose birthday is coming soon. Having best friends is a blessing, and if you have best friends, you must celebrate and cherish each moment with your best friends.

For celebrating your best friends’ birthday, we know that you need a gift, and with that gift, you also need a birthday wish card that you can attach to the gift. We have so many message and cards that you can pick any message and send to them if you are away. And if you are meeting, make sure you get one of these birthday cards and surprise them with creativity.

These messages show your love for your friends by mentioning them and their situations.

Happy belated birthday messages:

We have compiled a lot of messages for you to send with a sorry when you have accidentally missed some loved one’s birthday. Sometimes life can happen, and you can forget that the birthday of someone close to is approaching. Sometimes you are busy at work, and other times you have something else going on in your life. For your sake, we have professionally written some messages for you.

In those messages, some of the very common problems are mentioned that can cause you to forget the birthday of your loved one accidentally. You can choose a message that best explains your situation to your friend and tell them how much you still love them and remember them.

You can also choose a special message written on an image with their name on it.

All categories:

There are many categories where you can choose messages for people you know and love these categories include,

All of these categories hold valuable messages and wishes on birthday wish card images.


We conclude with this that we value your relations and the people you love. It is the reason we spent months creating this big website platform that provides you the best images and messages that you send to your birthday boy or girl.

These messages and wishes on images are free to download, and you can use anywhere and anytime to make someone’s day unique and amazing.

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