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Welcome to 'Esbirthday'the perfect online platform to wish the happiest birthday to your loved ones! Here, you'll find hundreds of free birthday wish GIF images for everyone - from your family and friends to your partner. We have specially customized birthday cards with names for each individual. Our diverse categories offer a wide selection of gifts, GIFs, animations, images, and birthday cards. Download the best birthday wish card for the name you're looking for and make your loved one's day special!

20,000+ Personalized Names with Birthday GIF

Treat your loved one to a special surprise on their birthday! Make it even more personal with a personalized animated gif featuring their name. Easily download and share the perfect birthday greeting with our collection of 20,000+ names and corresponding animated gifs.

Esbirthday offers a huge selection of names and they are all available to download for free. Our gifs come in all shapes and sizes, featuring a wide variety of characters, styles and fun animations. So don't settle for an ordinary off-the-shelf greeting! Make it unique and heartfelt with our 20,000 names and birthday gifs!

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Give your loved ones a personalized birthday wish with a GIF! Search for their name and find the perfect way to celebrate their special day and make them feel extra special.


Happy Birthday GIF Images for Whatsapp

Want to know of something that would surprise your loved ones on their birthdays more than a custom birthday card? A "Happy Birthday" GIF image for Whatsapp!

Esbirthday's custom Happy Birthday GIFs are excellent if you want to express concern and thoughtfulness on someone's birthday. What's more is that they would feel like you put in too much effort for them, while in reality, it would only have taken you a click to download the best Happy Birthday GIF images for Whatsapp from our website.

Whether you want a Happy Birthday GIF containing rainbows, cakes, fireworks, or balloons, we have them all! We also have some cute designs in our collection, like muffin toppers, dancing cats, flowers, and piñatas.

Download our charming, colorful, and attractive animated birthday photos with messages for friends, family, coworkers, and loved ones. Each GIF includes a music-accompanied version. You can set the display time and adjust the GIF size as you like. Then, just hit "Download" and share this small but significant surprise with someone special on their special day.

Happy Birthday Best Friend GiF

Happy Birthday Best Friend GiF

Happy Birthday Flowers Gif

Happy Birthday Flowers Gif

Happy Birthday GIF

Happy Birthday GIF

Happy Birthday Love GIF

Happy Birthday Love GIF

Happy Birthday Mom GiF

Happy Birthday Mom GiF

Say Happy Birthday with Name GIF

Are you looking for a way to make your birthday wishes truly special? Look no further than 'esbirthday', where you can find a selection of more than 20,000 unique names as part of our top category of birthday wish GIFs. Now you can easily surprise your special someone with professionally crafted personalized birthday cards with their name on it.

We have arranged all of our 20,000 GIFs in alphabetical order, making it easy to find the exact name you're looking for. Download the highest quality images to turn them into eye-catching banners befitting the receiver of your message of love.

Our birthday wish GIFs with names offer you an awesome way to directly address the recipient in your greetings. Choose from a variety of meaningful messages that can be found on all of our GIFs with names. Let 'esbirthday' help you create the perfect birthday message and wish your friend or loved one a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday GIFs for Lovers

Discover surprising birthday GIFs for your significant other. Our "Love" category is filled with professionally designed GIFs from relationship experts, perfect for wishing the love of your life a happy birthday. Our selection of happy birthday GIFs animate images that you can send to show your affection. There are hundreds of birthday GIFs that you can send to your loved one to demonstrate your feelings.

In case you forget to wish your love of life one day and you are far away, you can easily find the perfect birthday wish GIF in our selection of cute birthday wishes. Send it to them and express how much their presence means to you. Find the perfect way to show your love with these GIFs of love and delight them on their special day.

Download the Perfect GIFs to Wish Your Best Friends a Happy Birthday!

Don't wait any longer! Choose the best animated GIFs to download from us and give your friends a unique and thoughtful birthday gift! Our collection of GIFs and images are perfect for sending through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Wishing your best friends a happy birthday with these professional birthday wishes messages and animated images of birthday greetings is sure to make them feel special and appreciated. We guarantee that your best friends will love the thoughtful gifts and be very happy! So, go ahead and download the best GIFs now to wish a wonderful and joyous birthday today!

Happy Belated Birthday GIF

If you're looking for the perfect belated birthday gift, look no further than esbirthday. We have plenty of animated birthday gifs for you to send to those loved ones you've unwittingly missed the birthday of. Life can sometimes make it difficult to remember someone special's birthday, whether it be due to work or something else going on.

That's why we have professionally designed some amazing happy birthday gifs, so better late than never! Our selection contains gifs for all sorts of different scenarios that could lead to an accidental birthday overlook. Show how much you care with a personalized birthday gif featuring your name – download and share with your friend whose birthday you forgot. We aim to provide the best original gifs for you to enjoy!

Here we have 10 late birthday messages:

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